Welcome to Treat Yourself Apps

Treat Yourself Apps was established in 2011, and our first game, "Panic at the Pump" will be available on the App Store mid-August.

We hope to release more games and applications both for the iPhone and other Android smartphones in the coming months.

Panic at the Pump
Panic at the Pump is a fun new game brought to you by Treat Yourself Apps. You take on the role of an over-worked, under-paid gas station attendant, who has to deal with a constant stream of customers. You have to fill their tanks to the correct amount, wash their windscreens, pump their tires, and top up their oil levels.... all whilst the clock is running down and the next customer is waiting to be served! You need to be quick, accurate, and have the ability to multitask to succeed!
Latest News
25 Aug ,2011

We are very excited as we have now submitted the game to the App Store, which means that hopefully next week the game will be live and ready for ev...

12 Aug ,2011

After having played the game for many hours, I am getting pretty good at it! :-)

Thought I would post my current top score of ...

10 Aug ,2011

Final stages of the game are now adding and testing Adwhirl to the game. This rotates advertisements between Apple's iAds and Google's Admob advert...